Trois-Lacs Brewing Co.

At Green Gazoline Burger, we are proud to be associated with THE TROIS LACS microbrewery and to honor regional know-how. In addition to encouraging the local economy by keeping money in the community, limiting transport as much as possible. And between us, what could be better than a craft beer to accompany our burgers!

Offering a wide variety of craft beers for all beer lovers. From Lager to Stout to IPA, you can certainly quench your thirst with a Trois-Lac.

Czech Pilsner | 5% alc./vol.

Pilsner Czech
Light blond golden color
Refreshing with cereal note
Malty and herbaceous aroma

A refreshing pilsner like the traditional lagers of the Czech Republic made from noble Saaz hops. With a beautiful golden yellow color, it charms with its malty, herbaceous aromas and cereal notes. It has a rich texture, with a slightly creamy mouthfeel and a very lively finish.

Raspberry Sour Light beer | 4% alc./vol.

Sour with raspberries and hibiscus
Bright pink
Fruity and slightly tart
Aromas of raspberries and hibiscus
See life in pink with this beer-changing, cocktail-style sour beer. Bright pink, both floral and fruity. Easy to drink, but with a nice complexity with notes of raspberries and hibiscus and a sweet and light acidity. Put on your rose-colored glasses and savour life with a drink that is truly out of the ordinary.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Malt (barley), Raspberry puree, Lactose, Hops, Yeast.

L’O Blanche

Blanche | 5.5 % alc./vol.

Belgian white golden white
Refreshing with a note of orange and coriander
Aroma of bananas and citrus fruits

GOLD MEDAL 2021 | Session IPA Beer | 4.5 % alc./vol.

IPA session
Opaque straw yellow
Berries, melon, light
Citrus and melon aroma, floral

It is the first beer we released in a can.  And for this we wanted an easily drinkable beer that quenches the thirst, but which is also as flavourful as an IPA. The term “session” comes from the fact that these are low-alcohol beer which could be served at a work session but for us were designed more for golf sessions or games of bocci ball. Perfect in any size cooler! The idea for the name comes from a collaborator of ours, a great lover of music.

The result: an amazing session beer low in malt and strong in hops, with a bitterness that suggests the taste of peach, lychee and passion fruit and leaves a pleasing feeling of freshness in the mouth. Perfect for any improv session, whether musical or among friends, summer or winter.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Malt (barley, wheat), Hops, Yeast.
CONTAINS: Barley • Wheat

Rye Pale Ale Beer | 5.6 % alc./vol.

Rye pale ale
Light gold
Cereal complex taste and a little spicy
Fruity and floral aromas

Here, our brew master have surpassed themselves and we owe them a round of applause.  When we talk about Pale Ale, we could easily fall into clichés, but it would do us a disservice! Our magic ingredient? Rye. It gives something very different, pleasantly surprising, slightly spicy and really very aromatic. We feel we have built a bridge between tradition and the future… in short, it is a unique beer and we are very proud of it!

A refined slightly spicy blonde beer, the result of a well-balanced mix of American hops and rye. Aromatic, fruity, it’s very pleasant texture and low bitterness make it a beer of choice to accompany spicy dishes.

INGRÉDIENTS:  Water, Malt (barley, rye), Hops, Yeast.
CONTAINS: Barley • Rye

Strong beer | KVEIK IPA | 6.1 % alc./vol.

New England IPA with Norwegian yeasts (Kveik)
Opaque yellow orange
Citrus flavor with hints of orange and tangerine
Tropical flavor

Ready for an explosion of flavours? This American IPA will stimulate your taste buds! Citra and simcoe hops combined with kveik, a strong aromatic Norwegian yeast, gives a tropical twist with a little extra orange peel resulting in a spectacular beer!

We were very intrigued by the craze created by the rediscovery of kveik, this unique and mysterious yeast from Norway. And we were amazed by its dazzling properties, which continues to exude its aromas of orange and tangerine at temperatures of 30 and even 35 degrees celcius.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Malt (barley, oat, wheat), Hops, Yeast.
CONTAINS: Barley • Oat • Wheat

GOLD PUBLIC MEDAL 2019| New-England IPA Strong Beer | 7 % alc./vol.

New England IPA
Opaque yellow orange
Juicy orange and grapefruit taste
Grapefruit and citrus aroma

A rich and flavourful beer in honour of our beautiful region: Vaudreuil-Dorion and inspired by the wonderful IPAs of New England.  The typical citrus taste of the superb American Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops and barley give this beer a tropical flavour with a hint of bitterness.

One of the first four beers we created. Most people call it the “voodoo” (especially with the effect it has) which is not a problem as it was intentional… A beer that we worked a lot on over the years to improve it even more until it reached perfection.  It is double dry hopped which produces extraordinary aromas, but, unlike a classic IPA, without as much bitterness.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Malt (barley, wheat, oat), Hops, Yeast.
CONTAINS: Barley • Wheat • Oat

Double IPA | Extra strong Beer | 9 % alc./vol.

Pineapple Double IPA
Light blonde
Light taste of pineapple and tropical fruits

Warning! You are entering the unexplored territory of the imagination of our brew master who without telling anyone, did tests with…pineapple.

The result won over the team immediately and we were on our way to a pineapple IPA! The exotic fruit and its transformation into sugar softens the double hops to give just the right balance. But don’t be fooled by the fact it goes down easily it still has an alcohol content of… 9 % which you may only realize when you get up from your chair This double IPA, inspired by highly hopped American beers, is the sunny South in a bottle. Brewed with pineapple, it is an ideal drink to take it easy, with your feet hanging off the end of the dock, ready to battle any heat wave.

INGREDIENTS:  Water, Malt (barley), Pineapple juice, Hops, Yeast.

2019 SILVER PRIZE MEDAL | Irish Red Beer | 5 % alc./vol.

Irish redhead
Dark amber
Taste of toast, cereal, and caramel
Aroma of coffee, cinnamon, and molasses

At the initial founding of our brewery, we knew that we were going to make a traditional Irish beer.  We loved the authentic and festive side of these typical beers. The smell of wood and the atmosphere of the pubs had marked us during our time in the United Kingdom.  We wanted to allow people to travel with their tastebuds.

Not wanting to miss the famous Irish celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day we have created a red beer in its honour.  It is a beer low in bitterness which leaves more room for other interesting flavours such as toasted grains, bread and coffee.  The Irish yeast and its low carbonization give it an attractive roundness.

INGREDIENTS:  Water, Malt (barley), Hops, Yeast.

Milk Stout Beer | 5.5 % alc./vol.

Milk StoutBlack
Coffee and vanilla flavor
Roasted coffee aroma

This dark beer is a veritable milk stout, with its creamy side that delights the tastebuds each time. Its notes of coffee, toasted wheat, vanilla, and dark chocolate combine with a low bitterness, to make a balanced beer that impresses novices as much as it delights connoisseurs.

Wanting to have something for everyone, we created a stout, but not strong like most; and also, something lighter and less filling.  We think we have accomplished our mission! The addition of lactose not only makes it easy to drink, but also gives it a pleasant creamy side, even for the uninitiated.  And it was our customers who came up with the name during a tasting session.

INGREDIENTS:  Water, Malt (barley, oat), Lactose, Hops, Yeast.
CONTAINS: Barley • oat • Lactose