About Us

Welcome to our green kitchen, there is no planet B

Clean Ingredients – Sustainability

At Green Gazoline Burger, we take a simple, conscious, and natural approach to food. “Going green” is not just a buzz word for us, it’s a lifestyle.

Because we believe that tasty food served in a casual space and made with fresh and clean ingredients is better food for you, and for the planet, we source our ingredients locally and sustainably.

We also avoid single-use plastic and opt for paper, biodegradable, and recycled materials instead, to reduce our environmental footprint.

In this perspective, our kitchens are designed to maximize energy, water, and chemical efficiency, and they rely on air and electric cooking, which produce fewer greenhouse gases than traditional oil and gas cooking.

At Green Gazoline we believe that it is possible to offer a fresh, fast, and affordable product, with a reduced carbon footprint thanks to greener cooking methods and eco-responsible practices.

The result: delicious, clean and healthy meals!

green Gazoline burger takeout

Serve great food, fast and in a casual and ecofriendly environment.

Efficiency re-imagined! At Green Gazoline Burger, our promise is to serve only the best, using fresh and homemade ingredients!  Our burgers are made using fresh 100% AAA Canadian beef, dressed on potato buns from our local baker. Treat yourself right with our homemade soft Italian gelato shakes and sundaes, made fresh from 100% milk, cream and eggs, pasteurized in our central kitchen.

At Green Gazoline Burger, we are proud to partner with local microbreweries to honor regional know-how. In addition, we encourage the local economy and minimizing transport. And between us, what could be better than a craft beer to accompany our burgers!